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Dental Implants and Your Insurance

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The biggest question most people face when considering dental implant therapy: “Will the implants be covered by my insurance?”

Maybe yes, maybe no. Some dental insurance companies cover a portion of the implant treatment or restoration (such as the crown,) while others do not. Fortunately, the cost of implants has come down over the years, and more insurance plans are covering them than before.

But what if yours doesn’t? Don’t give up in your pursuit of your dream smile just yet!

Why Do You Need Implants?

It’s important to take a minute to consider just how a dental implant procedure could change your life. Why do you believe that an implant is the best option for you? Are you willing to settle for a cheaper but temporary replacement?

Considering these questions will help you decide whether dental implants are worth having despite the fact that your insurance provider may not cover them.

Seriously reviewing the matter this way will prepare you for the next step. Especially when it comes to long-term costs.

It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask!

As dental implant technology is becoming more widely recognized as the standard of tooth replacement, insurance policies are routinely changing. You’ll never know about your coverage for sure until you ask!

Ask About Payment Plans

As a last resort, many dental offices have made reasonable payment plan provisions to their patients. These plans give patients the security of paying within the practice at a time and rate that’s convenient for them. As you look for an implant provider, ask about the payment options they provide.

Dental implants have change the lives for thousands of patients and you could soon be one of them! Contact your dentist for more information on the implant therapy offered in your area.

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