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Do Dental Implants Hurt?

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As dental care providers, our goal is to help you achieve an improved standard of living, where your dental health is concerned. We want to equip you with the facts needed to make an informed decision by answering your questions and addressing your concerns about any proposed treatment.

Dental implants are recommended because of the vital role they can play in maintaining the health and function of your mouth. In spite of this, you may rightly be concerned about what you will feel during the procedure.

When completed by a skilled practitioner, the procedure for a single implant can last mere minutes. The procedure is a mild surgery in which a metal implant is carefully inserted a short ways into the bone beneath the gums. After some time is allowed for the surrounding tissues to heal, this implant will support a replacement tooth.

The surgery is usually done only under local anesthesia. If you struggle with dental anxiety, it may be possible to undergo the surgery while medically-sedated. If sedation is the option you choose, then you won’t remember a thing from the surgery!

Many dentists who have performed countless dental implant surgeries will attest that their patients have reported no serious post-operative discomfort. It is normal to experience a little discomfort for a short while after surgery, when the anesthesia wears off. This is anticipated, and the surgeon will provide you with the necessary painkillers for managing discomfort.

As long as you keep your implant as clean as possible, it should never cause you any discomfort. Please, always feel free to question your dentist further about the dental implant process.

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