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Full-Mouth Dental Implant Therapy

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For patients missing all of their natural teeth or those who need to have all of their teeth removed, there is an alternative to traditional dentures. Full-mouth dental implant treatment options open the way for individuals to once again enjoy a strong bite and beautiful smile.

If you are ready to consider a more permanent replacement for lost teeth, we are happy to work with you to create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. A couple of helpful options for you to consider are implant-supported bridges or dentures.


The prosthesis will provide you with strong and natural-looking teeth as regular dentures do, but has the added benefit of anchoring securely onto a few implants placed at key locations in the mouth.

Dental implants are integrated into the bone of your mouth and prevent resorption, which can occur with regular dentures. Full-mouth implants will enhance the shape of your face, restore strength to your bite, and give you a beautiful smile.

Additionally, implant-supported bridges and dentures tend to be easier to care for than traditional dentures.

How Do You Get Started?

A thorough exam will enable me to determine both where teeth should be located on a fixed denture as well as optimal locations for implant-placement. Once we draft the plan of action, the first step involves surgical placement of the implant abutments, or anchors. After a period of healing, the customized full-bridges or dentures will be delivered to you and secured over the abutments. The time needed for this process varies. Find out more information by asking our team about full-mouth dental implant therapy at your next visit.

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