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How A Dental Implant Can Change Your Smile

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Has an accident or disease left you missing a tooth? Don’t feel doomed to carrying that scar forever! A dental implant is the best tooth-replacement option you’ll encounter and it can change your life.

Fill in the Gap and Boost Your Confidence

A missing tooth—especially one in the front—can be embarrassing. How do you smile? Filling in that one gap can change the way you feel about showing off your teeth. Wearing a partial denture may simply not be an option for you; you need something far more lasting and secure.

A dental bridge could help fill the gap, but it requires two other healthy teeth to be trimmed and fitted with crowns. With a dental implant, you can fill in that space with a permanent restoration that doesn’t affect your other teeth.

Eat the Foods You Love

An implant will give you the chewing power that a natural tooth has. This is because the implant is a metal screw that acts just like a tooth root. Implant technology provides a security that removable appliances do not.

Save Your Smile!

Filling in the gap left behind by a missing tooth will keep the rest of your teeth from shifting out of place. Like a tooth root, an implant stimulates the surrounding bone, which prevents resorption. Because an implant behaves like a natural tooth, it will help your smile retain its natural shape.

Missing a tooth is not the end of the road! Even if you are missing all of your teeth and currently wear a denture, there are implant procedures that can help you to enjoy a better smile, as well. Contact your local dental office to schedule a dental implant consultation.

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