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How Dental Implants Can Save Your Smile

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Losing a tooth does more than just make you feel self-conscious about your mouth. It can create a long-lasting chain reaction that causes other teeth to drift out of place, crowding, premature tooth wear, or even the need to chew on one side of your mouth. 

You see, each tooth has an essential role to plan in the mouth. This role is to support the teeth alongside of it, and provide the opposite arch something to bite against. If you lose your tooth, the other teeth begin searching for their ‘neighbor,’ and a chain reaction of dental change spreads across the entire mouth. It begins with the adjacent teeth leaning toward the newly open area, and the tooth in the opposite arch begins erupting out of its socket in an attempt to find something to bite against.

Thankfully, dental implants provide patients with a straightforward and natural approach to tooth replacement. Each implant looks and functions as if it were a completely new tooth. As a result, it helps preserve the spacing and function of the entire smile after a tooth has been lost. Implants can support individual porcelain crowns, dental bridges, and even implant anchored dentures. Some types of dental implants may even be able to be placed during the very same visit that the tooth is extracted. Placing an implant in the area also encourages new bone formation, which protects the teeth on either side from bone loss that so often occurs after a tooth is removed. 

Before your next tooth extraction, ask your dentist what type of tooth replacement option is best for you. Having a plan before you have the tooth removed will limit the impact that the extraction has on your smile.

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