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Hybridge: The Denture and Bridge Alternative

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Dental implants are well-known permanent solutions for missing teeth. You may personally know someone who’s replaced a tooth or two with an implant.

But what if you have several teeth missing?

An implant hybrid bridge could be your answer. That’s exactly what a restoration with the Hybridge system is.

Benefits of Hybridge

Traditional dentures are not permanent. They can irritate your gums and cause the jaw bone to resorb. As an alternative, a Hybridge restoration uses several dental implants to support a partial or entire arch of new teeth.

Whether you need just a bridge or a full arch, a Hybrid restoration:

  • Stays in place
  • Is permanent (only removable by a dentist)
  • Is faster and cheaper than multiple implant bridges
  • Restores your full dental function
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Can be customized to individual needs

Getting a Hybridge Smile

Using just five or six carefully placed implants, the full arch Hybridge restoration can replace up to 12 teeth. Your dentist will assess your jaw and determine which kind of tooth replacement is best for you. You’ll have an appointment to get the implants and receive a temporary denture or bridge. In the course of a few months, you’ll receive your newly finished smile.

A full arch dental restoration is far more durable than any denture. Because your new teeth can be made entirely from ceramic, they’ll look more natural and last a lot longer than those on a removable acrylic denture.

Are you sick of dealing with a removable bridge or denture? Ready for a completely new smile?

Contact your dentist to find out which Hybridge-certified specialists are available in your area.

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