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Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

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Dental implants set the new standard of dental care for replacing missing teeth. An implant or two can benefit nearly anyone who’s lost at least one tooth.

Are dental insurances keeping up with the trend?

Let’s just say the transition is slow. Most insurance companies hold implants to be an elective procedure. They’ll cover only the cheaper tooth-replacement options as long as those are available.

Working Around the System

Your insurances may not cover the entire procedure, but look into whether they will cover the crown for the implant just as they would for any other tooth.

Is your implant medically-necessary?

Perhaps dental insurance won’t pay out for dental implants, but your medical just might cover it if you lost one or more teeth to an accident or a disease like cancer.

Don’t let the estimated price tag of an implant scare you. When in doubt about your insurer, just ask. Send over plenty of doctor’s notes, photos, and x-rays to prove why you need an implant and request an estimate.

Is An Implant Worth the Cost?


With a 98% success rate, conservative placement, permanent life expectancy, and an unrivalled strength, an implant is your best tooth replacement option.

Of course, this still depends on factors such as your age and health, but it’s rare for an implant to be a bad idea.

It’s expected that more and more insurance companies over time will over improved coverage for implant therapy. In the meantime, look into local payment plans and financing offered by the office doing the procedure.

Ask your dentist for more resources and information on planning your dental implant treatment.

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