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What Makes a Dental Implant Different from a Crown?

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If you’ve never had a dental crown or implant, then it can be easy to get the two mixed up. Crowns and implants are both beautiful restorative treatments, but they do have several major differences.

The Difference Between Dental Crowns and Implants

A crown is a short hollow shell that fits right over a trimmed tooth. Crowns are a replacement for the decayed or cracked outer layer of a tooth and keep it strong and healthy. Crowns are usually made from a tooth-colored material like ceramic.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are metal screws that replace missing teeth. An implant goes in the space where a tooth used to be and acts just like a natural tooth root.

Replace Lost Teeth with a Crown or Implant

Although crowns and implants are two different things, they can both serve as replacements for missing teeth. This is why there may be some confusion about how implants and crowns are different.

Implants can fill-in for missing teeth. Three or more crowns linked together as a dental bridge can also fill in a gap. The difference here is that the implant is a standalone restoration while the bridge spans the gap by anchoring crowns to the neighboring teeth.

Dental Implants and Crowns Working Together

Getting an implant almost always includes a dental crown?

The implant itself is just a small screw in the bone. It needs to be capped by some sort of restoration in order to function as a complete tooth. Most of the time, implants are topped with dental crowns.

Do you have some teeth in need of restoration or replacement? Contact a restorative dentist to discuss the best options for your smile.

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