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Mini Implant Secured Dentures

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Does denture instability leave you frustrated? Sore spots, difficulty eating, and the constant need for denture adhesives aren’t what your dentist had in mind for you when it came to you wearing dentures. You deserve to feel comfortable in your dentures, and for them to hold up to your daily activities. Now there’s an alternative to these troublesome denture problems: mini-implant secured dentures.

Mini-implants are much smaller than traditional implants, allowing them to be placed easily and for the benefit of securing prosthesis such as dentures. Just a few mini-implants allow dentures to snap into place without the additional movement that comes from lack of support. This added stability makes the dentures easier to eat with, talk with, and reduces sore spots. You’ll never need to use denture adhesive again, because the denture will be held securely by the implants.

The placement of mini implants is straightforward and they can be used the very same day for support. Because they are so small, there is no need for large amounts of bone before placing them, or for new bone formation to occur prior to them being used. Delivering the mini implants is very simple, and there’s no recovery time needed before the denture can be snapped into place.

If you’ve battled with your denture when it comes to eating or even getting them to fit properly, it’s time to ask about mini dental implants. The ease of treatment can be just what you’ve needed, even if you’ve been told that you’re not a candidate for traditional implants. Your dentist will create a customized care plan based on your goals and budget to get you smiling again with mini implants.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Byron Scott, Springhill Dental Health Center


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