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Mini Implant Supported Dentures

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If you need new teeth or if you want more secure dentures, it’s a safe bet that you don’t want to have to wait a long time for them. With mini dental implants, you can benefit from a brand new set of teeth or more secure dentures in just one treatment appointment.  In many cases, you will not even need a new denture – your existing denture can be used if it is in good condition.

Are your dentures uncomfortable?  Is it difficult to talk with your current set of dentures? Is it difficult to eat foods that you once normally enjoyed?  Mini implant supported dentures can address all of these issues.

Dentures secured by mini implants are permanent dentures that stay securely in your mouth for the entire life of the prosthesis. They’re anchored onto just a few supporting implant roots, which hold them in place. You won’t have to experience rocking, shifting, soreness, or loose-fitting dentures that are difficult to wear.

Not only do your new teeth feel great and take up less space than a large acrylic denture, they look good too! Your final denture prosthesis is designed to have the shape and color of teeth that you want, helping you feel confident when it comes to being around other people.

In most cases, your entire treatment takes only one appointment. Your dentures are anchored onto 4 mini dental implant roots, which secure the prosthesis right into your jaw, as if they were normal teeth. Unlike traditional dental implant treatments, mini implants use unique steps that allow the implants to be placed the very same day that the denture is delivered. That means you can arrive at the dentist for your treatment and go home with everything completed from start to finish, and still experience great results!

Posted on behalf of Dr. Byron Scott, Springhill Dental Health Center


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