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Porcelain Implants: What Are They?

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A dental implant can be permanent and effective replacement for a lost tooth. A dental implant is a biocompatible metal post that is surgically inserted into the bone, which would otherwise support the roots of a tooth. Once it is determined that the post is snugly incorporated into the arch, and then an anchor (abutment) is placed on it which secures a false tooth (crown) onto it. This tooth is fabricated to closely match your natural teeth in color, shape, and translucency.

If you choose to have an implant, how can you determine the crown that is right for you?

Let’s consider the features of porcelain crowns as an option.

The porcelain used in dental crowns comes in a variety of different materials. This means that there is more than just one kind of porcelain, and these materials vary in their features and cost. When you are planning your implant, the dentist will discuss with you how a specific material will best suit your smile. Factors such as the location of the implant, the kind of implant used, how hard you bite, the way your teeth line up, and what your other teeth look like will all be considered. Instead of focusing on cost alone, it is important to determine which porcelain crown will last the longest so that you get the most of your implant.

These crowns are natural looking, strong, and lasting. They will make you new tooth look just like the original, which metal crowns certainly can’t do. A porcelain implant will restore your mouth’s natural feel and function.

Ask your dentist if porcelain dental implants are right for you!

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