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Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a very popular and highly successful dental procedure. Before you can decide whether implants are right for you, however, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons.

The Advantages of Getting a Dental Implant

There are many benefits to choosing a dental implant over other options.

One is that implants are considered a permanent solution to tooth loss. They rarely need to be replaced, so the dentist who delivers your implant would expect it to stay with you for life.

Dental implants act just like natural tooth roots. They support and stimulate the bone tissue in your jaw. This helps maintain the height and shape of your smile. No other tooth replacement can do that.

A dental implant allows you to eat anything you want with ease. There’s no worrying about food getting stuck like it can under a dental bridge. When eating with a denture, you have to careful about biting into hard foods, but implants are strong enough to bite into anything natural teeth can.

Are There Disadvantages to Getting a Dental Implant?

There are only a few downsides to getting a dental implant:

  • It requires a mildly invasive surgery (similar to a tooth extraction)
  • Certain health problems could disqualify you for getting a dental implant
  • The process usually takes several months to complete

Should You Get a Dental Implant?

You may want a dental implant because it seems like the perfect solution for your smile. Or you might prefer to avoid it because you’re wary of the surgery or expense.

But ultimately, whether or not you should get an implant depends on your oral health needs. Contact a dentist near you for a dental implant consultation.

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