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Is It Safe to Go Abroad for Dental Implants?

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Getting dental implants abroad sounds appealing. You get a vacation plus dental treatment all for a fraction of what you’d pay a local dentist for the procedure, alone.

But is it really a safe venture?

You Don’t Know the Foreign Dentist

What proof do you have that the foreign dentist is qualified to place dental implants?

The dentist may have a bad reputation or insufficient education that you may not know about, unless you speak the language he or she studied in.

You Don’t Know the Treatment Standards

Not all countries adhere to the same standard of care. You may end up with a sub-par dental implant, or worse, an infection from a botched procedure because the care providers didn’t follow proper infection control protocol.

You Might Spend More Than You Planned

What will you do if you aren’t happy with the results of your dental implant from abroad? No one is likely to redo it for free. You’ll have to pay out for a new doctor to fix the damage done.

You Risk a Rushed Job

What if it’s decided that you need more treatment and you want to finish it all in time to catch your flight?

Rushed dental care is never effective. You only risk wasting more time and money by hurrying to get as much done as possible within a week or two.

You’ll Have No Legal Recourse

Have you thought about your rights in the event a foreign dentist cheats you or provides substandard care? You probably won’t have many as a medical tourist to a foreign land.

To learn more about getting dental implants the safe way, contact an implant dentist near you.

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