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Same Day Dental Implant Treatment

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Traditional dental implant treatment can take months to complete. From surgical placement, healing, to delivering the final crown or other prosthesis can last up to 6 months before the therapy is complete. With advancements in dental implant care, some patients can now benefit from same-day implant therapy and walk out of the office with a new tooth after just one appointment.

Mini dental implants are about half of the size of traditional implants, which means they can be placed more easily and less invasively. Because they’re so easy to place, they can be used to support the crown or other prosthesis on the same day that they are placed in the patient’s mouth. One of the most common treatments that is used with mini implants is the snap-on denture, which uses mini implants to stabilize the prosthesis so that it provides a secure fit for the patient. Single missing teeth may even be replaced with a mini implant supported porcelain crown.

Not everyone is a candidate for same-day dental implants. It will depend on what type of treatment you need, which teeth need to be replaced, and the state of your oral health. However, if you are a candidate, your dentist can provide your care in just a single visit, transforming your smile in an instant.

Implants look and function similar to your natural teeth. The titanium root securely keeps the appliance in place, surrounded by your jawbone. Each single tooth implant is covered with a porcelain crown that is designed to blend in with your smile. Taking care of your implants is like taking care of any other tooth, and nobody will be able to tell the difference.

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