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Same Day Dental Implants

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Is it possible to enjoy brand new, permanent teeth in just one dental appointment? With same day dental implants it is!

Just like traditional dental implant therapy, same day implants give you fixed (permanent) dental restorations that stay put all day long. But, there’s no lengthy recovery time! The implant itself is placed on the very same day as your prosthesis is delivered.

Most people use same day dental implants to replace all of their teeth at one time, such as with fixed or secured dentures. The type of implants used will depend on your personal oral health, bone quality and the type of restoration that you choose.

Your dentist will help you decide whether or not same day dental implants are right for you. All you will need to do is schedule a consultation, which consists of an exam and x-ray. With this information your dentist can assess your oral health and determine if same day implants are an option.

When you decide to move forward with your implant treatment, all of your services will be completed on one day! Your implants are placed and your fixed restoration is delivered at the very same appointment. That way you never have to go without a smile or feel self-conscious about the way you look between your dental treatments.

Same day dental implants are safe, reliable, and comfortable. Most people go right back to their normal schedule with minimal discomfort. It’s a simple process that has transformed the way dental implants are used in modern dentistry.

Find out if same day implants are right for you. Call your implant dentist today!

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