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Save Your Tooth or Get an Implant – Which Is Better?

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Whether your tooth has a crack or an abscess, you face a serious decision: treat it or pull it and replace it. An implant might be the best choice if an extraction is in your future.

Which option should you go with when you have a severely damaged tooth?

Try to Save Your Tooth

You should never take your teeth for granted since it’s not easy to replace them. Even implants can’t quite compare to having living teeth with nerves. That’s why your dentist won’t be in a hurry to extract them if there’s a problem.

If your tooth looks like it will respond well to treatment, such as a crown or a root canal, then it should be repaired.

When You Should Get an Implant

A “hopeless” tooth is one that doesn’t stand a good chance of being repaired. You might save more money by replacing such a tooth with a dental implant instead of patching it up over and over again with failed treatments.

Remember though, that the decision to get an implant shouldn’t be taken lightly. The whole process is a major investment of time. After you get an implant, you have to diligently maintain a good oral hygiene routine to keep it stable.

Making the Decision

Whether you should save your tooth or not mainly depends on what shape it’s in. You most likely need to get a dentist’s opinion in person to determine the odds of saving your tooth. If it turns out that neither an implant nor restorative treatment will work, then you may need to replace the tooth with a bridge or partial denture.

Contact a restorative dentist in your area for a consultation.

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