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Speed Up Healing After Implant Placement: 3 Tips

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A dental implant is an incredible restoration! It will give you the look, feel, and function just like that of the tooth you lost. Dental implant placement procedures are one of the most predictable ones in dentistry. You can make your recovery even easier by following these suggestions.

  1. Protein and Vitamin C

Your body will need the strength for rebuilding tissues. This comes from protein in your diet. Healing is enhanced with the help of some vitamin C. This vitamin will also boost your immune system so that your body can more easily fight off infection.

Just remember to be careful about chewing with a new implant. In fact, it’s not a bad idea to play it safe and make your first few meals shakes or smoothies.

  1. Get Lots of Rest!

You need to take it easy! The recovery period after having an implant placed allows your body to focus its energy on healing the site.

Physical exercise that raises your heart rate can put pressure on the healing site. This means that a blood clot won’t form. The clot is necessary for the tissues to knit.

So don’t be shy about taking a day or two off from work to enjoy a “stay-cation” at home!

  1. Take Medication as Directed

You may be in some discomfort after the surgery. If you take any prescribed pain medication as directed soon after the procedure, chances are you’ll be a lot more comfortable. When you’re comfortable, you’ll rest better. And as we discussed before, you need rest!

Before your implant procedure, ask your dentist about what you should do to make sure healing is a success!

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