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Teeth in an Hour

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Teeth in an Hour is a predictable care approach that uses dental implants and computer-guided placement technology to deliver brand new teeth in a very short period of time. To do so, a 3-D CT scan is made of the patient’s jaws, and the image is used to determine exactly where implants can be positioned so that the natural anatomy of the mouth promotes successful placement. This plan also makes the procedure shorter and have a much quicker recovery time than other types of implant surgery.

Choosing Teeth in an Hour allows patients to replace up to all of their missing teeth at once. A permanently fixed, streamlined implant denture is made prior to the implant placement procedure. Once the implant roots are placed, the denture is attached to them immediately, without any invasive surgery.

Using a computer-generated placement guide, your dentist can pinpoint exactly where your implants should go, which eliminates the need for lengthier placement surgeries. Patients that choose Teeth in an Hour often have less swelling, bruising, or discomfort following the procedure. The entire treatment process is planned electronically, giving your dentist a computerized implant guide to work with before your scheduled appointment. Once everything is ready (including any prosthesis, the implant guide, and custom appliances ordered), the patient can schedule their appointment!

What are you waiting for? If you’ve had missing teeth or bothersome dentures, then it’s time to think about getting brand new Teeth in an Hour. Patients that choose this implant-approach to restoring their smile benefit from more secure, stable teeth replacements than any other type of traditional replacement treatment.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mac Worley, Mountain View Oral Surgery and Dental Implants


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