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Teeth in an Hour

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What used to take months, can be done in little over an hour. It’s hard to believe, but a completely new and beautiful smile can be yours in an hour’s time. Nobel Biocare has recently developed technology that allows for a person to have fully functioning teeth on dental implants in one single procedure. Patients who have had to wait for months to receive a new smile are now having their mouths fully restored in just an hour. This ground breaking technology is revolutionizing smiles.

The Teeth In an Hour procedure allows for the restorative doctor and the oral surgeon to collaborate through Nobel Biocare technology. A 3D CAT scan is first made of a patient’s jawbone. This CAT scan allows for a 3D virtual model of the jawbone to be made, which will then be used in virtual reality software to plan the implant placement in between patient visits. This technology is referred to as Virtual Surgery and allows for doctors to plan for incredibly accurate placement of the dental implants. Patients are also not required to sit for long periods of time, with their mouths held uncomfortably open, while plans and placement are determined.

After the implants have been created, a patient wil go in for an appointment to have the implant bridge placed. Because the implants have been tailor made with precise measurements from the 3D CAT scan, they fit exactly into the surgical sites that the oral surgeon makes for them. Because of this precise fitting, there is no healing time necessary for the bone to fill in around the implants. Patients have function immediately with this new procedure! So much time and preparation go into the planning phase that the actual surgical appointment is fast and exact.

Talk to your dentist about Teeth in an Hour. For a beautiful and fully functioning smile, Teeth in an Hour can bring you the results you desire.

Posted on behalf of Dr. Mac Worley, Mountain View Oral Surgery and Dental Implants


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