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Teeth Whitening and Dental Implants

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A lot of people want to know if they can lighten the color of their implant after getting it placed. Dental implants are permanent, replacing and acting just like natural teeth.

So if natural teeth can be bleached in a variety of ways, how about your permanent dental implant?

Let’s first take a look at how whitening works.

Teeth Whitening Techniques

Teeth whitening happens in two different ways:

Abrasives – typically found in whitening toothpaste, gritty material scrubs away surface stain.

Bleaching – teeth can be whitened with chemicals that lift stain from deep within the pores of the enamel.

Will of these work on implants?

Dental implants are titanium or ceramic rods inserted into the bone where roots of teeth go. They are then topped off with a crown, typically made of porcelain. The crown is made to be highly durable and look just like a natural tooth.

The downside here is that porcelain does not act the same as tooth enamel. Enamel color can change with bleaching, but porcelain will not. The color of the crown once it’s placed is the color it will stay.

Is There Any Way to Lighten Implants?

Your implant crown is colored to match the rest of your teeth at the time you get it. If you decide to lighten the color of your teeth later on, then your implant will stand out as a little darker.

Ideally, you should try whitening your teeth before your dentist designs your implant crown. Once your teeth reach the shade you desire, you can match your crown to that.

Ask your dentist about how to keep your implant in the best shape possible!

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