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The Long Term Success of Dental Implants

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You’ve finally decided to replace that missing tooth or set of teeth. Now what? With so many tooth replacement options available, you feel a little overwhelmed at the choices that your dentist has to offer including bridges, partials, dentures and implants. What exactly are dental implants and why are they becoming such a hit when it comes to successful tooth replacement?

A dental implant is a long-term solution to replacing missing teeth. In fact, implants are even stronger than your natural tooth, and can last an extremely long time. Each implant uses an artificial titanium root that is placed into the area where the missing tooth was. New bone develops around the root, holding it securely in place. Once this happens, a permanent restoration such as a crown, bridge, or even a denture, can be anchored on top of the implant. The final tooth looks and feels just like a natural tooth. They’re simple and easy to care for, and won’t interfere with your speech patterns or the way you eat.

Implants are now considered to be “the best” option for tooth replacement for patients that are candidates for the treatment. That’s because they last longer than literally any other type of tooth replacement treatment! For some people, they last an entire lifetime. Implants don’t come out, and patients are left feeling like they have natural teeth all over again.

An examination and X-ray will help determine whether your mouth is healthy enough for an implant. If you’ve been struggling due to missing teeth, or want to get rid of the tooth replacement that you already have, then it’s time to talk to your dentist about dental implants.

Posted on behalf of Georgia Denture and Implant Specialists

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