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The Top 3 Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

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Thanks to the advancements in modern dentistry, you have more options for tooth replacement than ever before. As techniques and materials for those treatments improve, more people find them to be real-life options for their own smile needs.

What are the top 3 ways to replace missing teeth?

Dental Implants

There has never been a better way to replace missing teeth than with dental implants. Each titanium root is securely anchored into the bone, right where your natural tooth once stood. When covered with a porcelain crown, an implant is the most lifelike tooth replacement that is possible. Not only that, but implants are built to last for your entire lifetime. 

Dental Bridges

Traditional bridges are one of the standard forms of tooth replacement. They are placed on top of healthy adjacent teeth, with the false tooth supported between them. But what if healthy teeth aren’t available? In that case, bridges can also be supported on top of dental implants. Just two dental implants can support a bridge that replaces 3, 4, or even 5 teeth at one time. 


Even dentures can be supported by permanent dental implants! The streamlined design of implant-supported dentures has revolutionized the way dentists perform full mouth reconstruction. Although some types of implant-stabilized dentures are removable, others are mounted permanently into place, feeling as close to natural teeth as possible.

Which type of tooth replacement is right for you? Chances are you have more options than you ever realized. Schedule an exam and x-ray with your dentist to find out what type of restoration is best for your smile.

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