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The Top 4 Solutions for Fractured Teeth

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If you’ve seen or felt a chip in the surface of your tooth, then you should get that taken care of before it worsens. A tiny, uneven edge may not seem worth the effort, but even that much can put your tooth at risk of more damage.

Here are the four common ways to repair a fractured tooth:

  1. Crown

When the tooth is compromised by a deep fracture or chip that threatens the tooth’s nerve chamber, a crown will help protect it. Dental caps also provide structural support for everyday use.

  1. Indirect Filling

Sometimes, a tooth is missing a good portion of support, but a crown isn’t necessary. An indirect filling (also called an onlay or inlay) will provide more support than a regular filling but isn’t as extensive as a crown.

  1. Bonding

This is the most conservative method for filling in a small nick in the surface of the enamel. Bonding can reshape your tooth and is very common for evening out the front teeth.

  1. Implants

More and more people are opting to replace missing teeth with implants because these artificial replacements feel just like the real deal and last a lifetime. If your tooth is so badly damaged that it needs to be pulled, think about filling in the space with a dental implant.

Stop procrastinating and get that chipped tooth looked at! Some fractures do stick around for years without causing any trouble, but you’re not going to know how bad it is until a dentist examines your smile.

If treatment is needed, your dentist will help you choose the most appropriate method for saving or replacing your tooth.

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