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Thinner Dentures that Never Come Out!

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One of the biggest challenges that denture wearers face is the one caused by the bulky size of the prosthesis inside of their mouth. The large acrylic denture is held in place by suction, and people must become accommodated to speaking, chewing, and swallowing with it in their mouth. Although removable dentures have been used effectively for a very long period of time, they’re not always the best choice for tooth replacement treatments. 

What if you could have a denture that never came out and was so thin that it didn’t even need to cover the roof of the mouth? Instead, it would only cover the bony arch of the mouth where the teeth stood? That option is real. It’s the All-on-4 implant denture. 

Implant supported dentures allow as few as 4 implant roots to permanently support a thin denture prosthesis inside of the mouth. The denture is “U” shaped and sits directly over the bony arch of the jaw, freeing up extra space throughout the mouth. Once installed, the implant-supported denture doesn’t come lose, never falls out, and provides you with a secure fit all day long. 

Who is a candidate for implant-dentures? Any implant candidate needs to have healthy bone levels, be free of oral infections, and refrain from using tobacco products. An exam and x-rays can determine whether or not you have enough bone support necessary for the placement of your implant roots. 

Enjoy the flavors of your meals once again. Speak more freely with smaller prosthesis in your mouth. It’s time to ask your dentist about implant supported, All-on-4 dentures at your next check-up.

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