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Three Ways Dental Implants Transform Smiles

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Dental implants are one of the very best ways to rebuild, restore, and transform your smile. They can be used for a variety of purposes, but all of those revolve around replacing your missing teeth. In addition to giving you new teeth to enjoy, implants provide various other benefits to your smile:

Stronger Bones

If teeth are missing, the bone in the jaw in that area becomes weak. It even gradually starts to resorb away. This compromises the stability of neighboring teeth. Placing a titanium dental implant into the jaw not only helps prevent bone loss it helps form new bone. Titanium is one of the most biocompatible materials in all of medicine. 

Better Bites

Teeth begin shifting out of place when you lose one or two of them somewhere else in the mouth. Placing a dental implant in a timely manner will help you retain natural biting patterns. Regain the flexibility of enjoying your favorite foods once again. 

A Permanent, New Tooth (or Teeth)

Dental implants are one of the longest-lasting dental treatments available. They also have the highest success rate of any other type of dental procedure! Your new implants can give you as many new teeth as you need – from one dental crown to a full mouth denture. There’s never been a better way to have a permanent, secure smile. 

What can dental implants do for you? Regardless of how many teeth you’re missing, you owe it to yourself to find out more about the dental implant process. Are they right for you? Find out more by scheduling a visit with your dentist today!

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