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Using Dental Implants to Fit Any Smile

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Are you worried about your number of missing teeth interfering with your choices in smile rehabilitation? Don’t be! Dental implants can make tooth replacement perfect regardless of whether you are missing one tooth or missing them all.

For individual teeth, individual dental implants serve as stand-alone replacement teeth. Each titanium implant functions as a tooth root that supports the abutment and new dental crown. You can brush and floss around the new tooth as it it were one that you were born with. 

For multiple teeth.  Let’s say you have 3 or 4 teeth in a row that are missing, but you don’t want to wear a removable partial denture. Instead, your dentist can use an implant-supported bridge to replace all of the teeth at once. These bridges differ from traditional bridges, as they are anchored onto a dental implant on either end, rather than a natural tooth. This allows them to replace more teeth at one time. 

For all of your teeth to be replaced at one time, consider an implant-supported denture. These streamlined dentures take up less space in your mouth, giving you more freedom and confidence than larger conventional dentures. Not only that, but the denture is permanently anchored into place and never comes out! Implant dentures are also sometimes referred to as All-on-4 dentures and are the only permanent tooth replacement option for your entire mouth.

Implants strengthen the rest of your mouth by encouraging new bone growth and preventing tooth shifting. Investing in dental implant therapy doesn’t just change the outcome for that one tooth – it affects your entire smile.

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