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Using Mini Implants to Secure Your Denture’s Fit

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Over time, regular dentures can lose their comfortable fit as the bone beneath your gums changes its shape. Loose dentures can make simple activities such as talking, eating, and even smiling difficult and embarrassing. Some patients have chosen to seek out other means of securing their dentures. If you haven’t done so before, we invite you to learn a bit about how mini implants can change your view of your dentures.

How They Work

Unlike traditional implants, mini implants are less invasive, lower in cost, and ideal for those with minimal bone available to support implants. Averaging about two millimeters in diameter, these tiny titanium screws serve the function otherwise carried out by the roots of natural teeth. A brief, minimally-invasive surgery seats two to four implants (or however many your surgeon decides are necessary) comfortably into the bone, and attachments are added to the implants and to your denture so that they can easily be snapped together.

How Mini Implants Can Change Your Life

You will need to care for your removable denture the same as you did before the implants. The dentist will also provide you with specific recommendations for cleaning around your implants to ensure that they remain healthy. The implants are intended to be a permanent solution by preventing further loss of bone structure in your jaw, and also preventing the need to have your denture adjusted as frequently. The implants will give you back the confidence and security you enjoyed with your natural teeth and will improve your ability to chew, allowing you to enjoy all of your favorite foods.

If you feel you are ready to give mini implant-supported dentures a try, then schedule a consultation with your dentist.

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