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What is an Overdenture?

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If you cross a conventional removable denture with a fixed, permanent dental implant, you get an overdenture.

Overdentures are removable dentures that clasp onto dental implants. They are secured throughout the day by 2 to 6 dental implants, but pop off at night for easy care and maintenance.

Benefits of implant overdentures include:

  • Convenience of a removable denture
  • Stability of dental implants
  • Ability to retrofit your current denture
  • Affordability
  • Improved self confidence

You might consider getting an implant overdenture if your traditional denture rocks or shifts throughout the day. Uncomfortable sores, inability to eat comfortably, or embarrassing speech are all reasons why people consider using implants to secure their denture.

Even your existing denture can be retrofitted to clasp over dental implants. On the underside of your denture, housings are placed to receive the abutment of the dental implant. After implants are placed into your bone, the new or existing denture clips on top of them. Although it’s simple to take out at night, you will still find that the overdenture is very secure throughout the day.

If you aren’t a candidate for traditional fixed dentures and don’t want to be bothered by the instability that some people experience from traditional dentures, then an implant overdenture is an excellent choice.

You should consider getting an overdenture if your existing denture is uncomfortable or it is difficult for you eat or speak with confidence. Overdentures are an affordable option for your oral rehabilitative needs. The affordability of dentures and the reliability of just a few dental implants can change the way you look and feel for years to come! Find out more about implant overdentures by calling your dentist today.

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