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What Types of Crown Goes on a Dental Implant?

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You’ve most likely heard a lot about dental implants – the tooth replacement treatment that is considered to be the most advanced, reliable, secure treatment for missing teeth. But many people still wonder that in addition to the implant root, what kind of teeth or restorations can be placed on top of the implant? 

That’s an excellent question! Dental implants have the capability to support restorations far larger than those used on natural teeth. For instance, a multiple-tooth, porcelain dental bridge that replaces 3 or 4 missing teeth is no problem for implants, but could never be anchored onto natural teeth. Single dental implants are often used to replace just one missing tooth, and in that case an individual dental crown is used that functions independent of other nearby teeth. 

Both implant crowns or bridges can be made of aesthetic materials that allow the final restoration to blend in and look natural. In most cases, a porcelain or porcelain fused to metal base crown/bridge will be used. The color of the porcelain is shaded to match that of natural tooth coloration in the rest of the patient’s mouth. 

If an All-on-4 implant denture is being placed, the denture will appear as if it were several crowns or bridges bonded side by side, replacing all of the teeth across the arch of the mouth. The teeth are supported on a thin, pink acrylic base that allows the denture to sit comfortably along the “U” shape of the jawbone. There is no extra material that covers the inside of the jaw or roof of the mouth, the way a traditional denture is made. 

Implants are an excellent, natural, and aesthetic way to replace your teeth…no matter how many there are!

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