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Who Needs Dental Implants?

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Who exactly needs dental implants? While the treatment is a wonderful option, it is typically only recommended on people ages 18 and up. The benefit to dental implants is that it gives adults a permanent option to their missing tooth dilemma.

The person with one missing tooth

If only one of your teeth is missing, it can create a chain reaction throughout your mouth. Teeth begin shifting out of place, your bite begins changing, and everything you’ve ever worked for in your smile has changed. Implants are perfect stand-alone tooth replacements. 

The adult who needs smile rehabilitation

Complete smile rehabilitation has never been easier than with dental implants. Implants can support any prosthesis from an individual crown to a multiple tooth bridge. That means no matter how many teeth you need to replace dental implants are an option. They can be used in conjunction with other types of treatments to give you the overall results and health that you deserve. 

The senior who needs a permanent denture

Wearing a removable denture may be difficult or even impossible for some people. If the fit isn’t just right, you won’t be able to keep it secure all throughout the day. An implant-supported denture provides stability while also freeing up space throughout the mouth. This makes it easier to eat and enjoy foods as well as speak more clearly than with traditional dentures.

You’ll never know if implants are an option for you until you ask. Your implant consultation will include an exam, x-ray, and discussion of your needs. There’s something right for everyone – are implants what’s right for you?

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