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Why an Implant Denture is the Answer

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After months or perhaps even years of fussing over an ill-fitting traditional denture, you’re likely ready for a new start! While regular dentures function as needed to give you back your ability to smile and chew, you will likely find that an implant denture can completely revolutionize the way you live.

Enjoy a Secure Fit

Implant dentures are supported on small biocompatible metal implants which are surgically placed into the bone beneath the gums. These implants serve as anchors for the denture and eliminate the need for messy denture pastes. Implants also protect the bone from resorption by the pressure of a denture. This means that your denture will not need to be relined as traditional dentures do and your face won’t lose its natural shape, as is apt to happen with years of traditional denture-use.

Eat More Foods You Love

Because of the secure fit of a new implant denture, you will regain the biting strength needed to enjoy some of your favorite foods again. While wearing traditional dentures you are probably concerned with cutting food into smaller pieces and eating softer foods. You can say goodbye to any such inconveniences to your diet by giving implant dentures a try.

Talk, Laugh, and Smile with Confidence!

Implant dentures won’t slip and slide or click the way regular ones do. You can have peace of mind from knowing that your denture will stay in place and then smile without worry!

An implant denture could be the key to elevating your standard of living. A denture doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable and embarrassing appliance. Make your denture a real game-changer by asking your dentist how implant technology could be the answer for you.

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