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Why an Implant is the Best Choice for that Missing Tooth

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To begin with, why do you want to replace that missing tooth? Replacing a missing tooth is not just a cosmetic fix, but it improves the way you can chew and maintains the position of all of your other teeth. You are likely considering a variety of options for replacing missing teeth such as partials and bridges. But what is it about an implant that we feel makes it your best option?

Restores the Feel and Function of Your Natural Tooth

An implant is a small screw-like post made of a bio-compatible metal surgically-seated into the bone below the gums where your tooth used to be. The metal abutment is capped with a crown that closely resembles what your natural teeth look like. When the implant post heals into the bone, it can be used just as you would use your natural teeth. Additionally, the implant does not need to be removed or cleaned in a special way. It stays permanently situated in your mouth, and you continue to floss and gently brush around it just as you clean the rest of your teeth.

Preserves Bone Structure

With no tooth roots to stimulate the ligaments and bone under your gums, the bone will start to resorb and disappear. An implant can preserve that bone structure, thereby supporting the rest of your teeth and maintaining the shape of your face.

Lasts a Lifetime

While an implant crown could need some adjustments later on down the road, the implant is meant to be a permanent solution. This will save you on time when compared to other options that need frequent readjustment.

Schedule a consultation with your dentist to discuss how an implant can change your smile for the better – for good!

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