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Will it Hurt to Get a Dental Implant?

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Getting an implant is no worse than having any other dental treatment. True, it’s a surgical procedure in your jaw, but it’s still more quick and comfortable than you may realize.

Here’s why.

You’ll Be Numb!

As with any other dental treatment, your implant provider will ensure you are well numbed-up before the surgery begins. You won’t feel anything more than a little pressure.

You May Not Remember a Thing

If your dentist or surgeon gives the OK, you may be cleared to have some dental sedation. A mild sedative will help you relax and not be nervous for your procedure. Afterwards, you probably won’t have much memory of it.

It Happens Fast

Placing a dental implant is a delicate art, but it isn’t a long grueling procedure. You’ll be in and out of the treatment room within an hour, maybe less.

Dull the Post-Op Discomfort at Home

Obviously, once the anesthetics wear off you will feel like you’ve just had some work done. But if you start a prescribed course of painkillers right away as directed, you can avoid any throbbing pain. Most people say that implant placement feels easier than getting a tooth pulled.

Stick to liquid and soft foods for a few days to avoid injuring the surgical site. Ice your jaw to bring down any swelling. Get lots of rest while keeping your head slightly elevated.

You should be right back in the swing of your routine within a few days of your implant procedure. The first couple days may bring along the most discomfort. But if you closely follow your dentist’s instructions, you’ll experience a brief and successful healing period.

Discuss any other concerns or questions with your dentist or surgeon before your implant procedure.

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