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3 Reasons It’s a Good Idea to Get Dentures

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When it comes down to it, dentures will never totally make up for what your natural teeth could do. But this doesn’t mean that no teeth at all is the better option.

Here are three reasons you should think about getting dentures instead of going toothless:

  1. Strong Smile Support

Try telling yourself you don’t ever need to smile around people you love. A denture doesn’t just give you teeth to smile with, but it helps provide shape and support for your smile and facial profile. Going teeth-and-denture-free will cause your mouth to collapse in on itself sooner.

  1. Eat What You Need

Here’s the obvious and most important reason to get a denture: you’re just not going to get the nutrition your body needs without a way to chew. Not everything tastes good blended and eaten through a straw.

Vitamins and nutrients like fiber are best taken in through natural food sources. Soft foods tend to lack the variety of vitamins your body needs. A denture is crucial to your nutrition.

  1. The Chance to Fix All You Ever Wanted to About Your Smile

It’s not recommended to pull out strong, healthy teeth while you still have some left. But when you do choose to get dentures, you’ll have the freedom to choose things like:

  • Gum color
  • Tooth size, shape, and color
  • The look and feel of your bite (you can correct that overbite or buck toothed-look you used to have)

Finally, you can get that perfect look you’ll be happy to show off!

Are you ready for a denture? Talk to your dentist for more information.

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