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5 Reasons You Should Take Your Dentures Out at Night

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While dentures are a life-saver in that they help you eat, speak, and smile, they’re pretty inconvenient in one area: you have to remove them before going to bed.

Hard as it can be to remember to take out your denture, here’s why you should do so.

Your gums need a break.

Your sensitive gums support your denture all day. If you don’t give them a chance to rest at night, they can become dried out and irritated.

Your breath will smell better.

A denture is like natural teeth in that it traps bacteria. But it’s worse because there are more places for debris to hide on a denture than on gums and teeth. Removing your denture each night to soak will help you keep it clean and your breath fresh.

You can stay healthy.

One study found that nursing home residents who didn’t remove their dentures at night were more than twice as likely to contract pneumonia than those who did take out their dentures. Dentures are the perfect breeding ground for dangerous germs that can be inhaled, so removing and cleaning them daily is critical.

Removing your denture at night makes it last longer.

Dentures put pressure on your jaw bone and cause it to change shape. Wearing your denture at night only increases the amount of wear it puts on your mouth. The faster your bone changes, the sooner you’ll need a new denture.

Leaving your denture in sets you up for a yeast infection.

Saliva flow slows down at night, so a denture left in becomes the perfect place for a fungus to thrive.

Still not convinced? Ask your dentist for more information on the best denture care.

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