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5 Signs That Your Denture Needs to be Relined or Adjusted

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Dentures are made to last as long as possible. However, as we age, our bone or gum tissues may start to shrink – causing our denture to feel loose or not fit properly. As a result, your dentures could cause pain or feel loose when you talk.  If this is the case, you may need to have your dentures adjusted or relined.

What are some of the symptoms you should watch for?

  1. Pain and soreness – When dentures don’t fit properly, they can be painful to wear, or even cause your gums to develop sores.
  2. Food getting caught more often than before – If you are noticing food getting stuck under your dentures after meals, they have probably lost their ideal fit.
  3. Difficulty chewing– If foods you once ate now seem more difficult to enjoy, it could be due to your denture.
  4. Your dentures keep falling out – Your denture should fit snuggly so that it always stays in place. You should be able to chew, talk, sneeze and cough without worrying about your dentures falling out.  If you can’t wear them without applying adhesive, then you need to have your dentist examine them.
  5. Mouth Infections – If dentures have a poor fit, a mouth infection called “thrush” can occur.  This can create redness and soreness of your gums. Your dentist may need to prescribe an antibiotic to clear it up.

As a denture wearer, you should continue to visit your dentist regularly for check-ups. He or she will assess your prosthesis for a proper fit, as well as recommend adjustments if needed. If you are beginning to notice any of the above symptoms – call your dentist right away.

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