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6 Reasons You Should Get an Implant Supported Denture

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An implant denture or overdenture rests on dental implants instead of directly on your gums. The implants attach to the base of the denture to keep it from slipping around.

Getting implants to secure your denture is a relatively minimally-invasive procedure. On top of that, there are several great benefits to anchoring your prosthesis in place.

Chew Better

You’d still have to avoid very sticky or hard foods that can damage a denture, but the implants would allow you to chew with more force than before. The better you can bite, the more foods you can enjoy, and the better nutrition your body will get.

Speak More Clearly

There will be no more clicking and slurred words if your denture stays firmly in place during your entire conversation.

Smile and Laugh with Confidence

Probably the worst thing about dentures is how they can make some people embarrassed by their smile. Implants can give you back your confidence.

Avoid Further Bone Loss

When a denture rests directly on the gums, it puts pressure on the jaw underneath. This can trigger a gradual bone resorption process. Implants on the other hand, stimulate bone and maintain the shape of your smile. They absorb pressure and support a denture while promoting healthy bone levels.

Enjoy Greater Comfort

Sick of a pinching, slipping, chafing denture? Prop it up on implants and it won’t irritate your gums so much.

Say Goodbye to Denture Adhesives

Implant dentures cut out the expense and mess of applying denture creams on a daily basis.

Ready to give an implant overdenture a try? Contact your dentist to see if you qualify.

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