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Are Denture Adhesives a Good Idea?

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The short answer: it depends!

Society often makes it seem that you can’t wear a denture without a paste or some other adhesive to hold it in place. The fact is, however, that you shouldn’t need an adhesive all the time.

Why do some people choose to use an adhesive? When might you decide that you need one?

Increase Comfort and Peace of Mind

For some patients, using an adhesive paste or powder along with their denture gives them a greater sense of security. It’s easy to feel self-conscious about wearing dentures. This is especially true of first-time denture wearers who don’t yet trust their new prosthesis. Using an adhesive can help such ones to feel better about wearing their dentures.

Do Dentures Require an Adhesive?

The secret is that a well-made denture does not need an adhesive. It is designed to conform so closely to the contours of your mouth that it creates a natural and comfortable suction. If you always need the help of an adhesive, then this could indicate a problem.

When to Not Use a Denture Adhesive

If your denture is in need of adjustment (such as relining or rebasing) then it won’t fit quite right. Your denture can lose its snug fit if it is damaged or if your mouth changes in shape. Patching it up with adhesives won’t improve its fit!

Whether you use a denture adhesive or not is eventually up to you. The point is that no adhesive can make up for the adjustment a denture may need. See your dentist for regular examinations to ensure that your mouth stays healthy and that your denture fits right.

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