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Are Implant Dentures Really Permanent?

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“All on 4” implant supported dentures provide dental patients with an alternative to traditional removable dentures. The denture is anchored onto the dental implants, and yes – they’re really permanent!

What makes implant-retained dentures different than regular dentures is that they only cover the bony-ridge portion of the jaw. The “U” shaped denture frees up space across the roof of the mouth or areas beside the teeth that would normally help suction or claps a denture into place.

The denture is then anchored to the 4 (or sometimes fewer) implant roots by being permanently affixed to the abutment on top of the implant. What does that mean? The denture never comes out! You can experience more freedom with speaking and eating the foods you love, because your denture takes up less space and will not come loose.

Your dentist can show you how to clean under your implant supported denture to keep it free of getting food buildup or infection. A useful oral hygiene aid is a water flosser, which will thoroughly flush a stream of water through the area in which it is aimed.

If you already have regular dentures but are becoming frustrated with how much they impact your lifestyle, then it’s time to ask your dentist about implant-supported dentures or “All on 4” dentures. Your dentist will need to conduct a clinical examination as well as take certain X-rays to see if enough bone is present to support the implants. Implant-anchored dentures are more affordable than you think, and will give you years of a reliable, healthy smile. In just a few simple treatments, you could have the stability of a forever smile.

Posted on behalf of Linda King DDS


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