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Should You Buy a Denture Online?

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Buying a denture online may sound like a convenient option. You can purchase so many useful things on the web and, often times, at bargain prices.

There are a few good reasons, however, to fight the temptation to buy your next dental prosthesis from a random website.

You Can’t Trust the Materials

Do you know exactly what an online denture will be made from? Cheap as it is, you can expect that the materials won’t last very long. You’ll likely suffer from sore gums and possibly even a reaction to materials that shouldn’t be used in dentures or other oral appliances.

You Can’t Trust the Fit

Some online dentures are of the boil-and-bite variety. Others have you take an impression at home and send it in for “dentists” on the company’s end to use as a model.

But without the trained eye of a professional denture maker assessing your mouth’s every curve, you won’t get the right fit or a chance to have it adjusted.

You Can’t Trust the Manufacturer

What happens if your denture hurts you or breaks? Can you trust some unknown company to give you a refund or address your concerns? When you have a dentist make your denture, you can check in often for adjustments until the appliance fits to your satisfaction. The dentist will make sure you’re happy!

The best denture is one made in-person. If you visit an actual dentist to get fitted for a denture, you’re guaranteed to get something that looks and feels right. The dental office may even offer you a flexible payment option to help with the cost.

Ask a dentist near you about how you can afford a quality denture.

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