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Caring For Your Dentures

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Just like your natural teeth, your dentures or other types of oral prosthetics need to be cared for as well. These devices go into your mouth daily, and have the potential for bacteria buildup and tartar the same as the rest of your mouth is. Caring for them properly will keep them fitting better, cleaner, and reduce the risk of infections in your mouth.

Here are some tips to keep your dentures and your mouth healthy:

Remove them every evening and soak them overnight.

Not taking your dentures out at night places unnecessary pressure on the gum tissueand bone in your mouth. This can cause bone levels to be lost quicker than normal, resulting in an ill-fitting prosthesis. It’s also important for your oral tissues to have a chance to air out and not be covered by the acrylic. Prolonged wear can also cause fungal infections or raw tissues under your denture. Soak them in a glass of water with a cleansing tablet to help loosen any debris.  

Brush your dentures with a separate brush than the one you use for your gums or other teeth.

Sometimes brushing your prosthesis can cause extra wear on your toothbrush bristles, which in turn would cause them to be more abrasive on your teeth or gums. Use a denture brush to clean your dentures after you remove them from the overnight soaking solution, and use a soft bristled brush to clean your gums and any other teeth. 

Don’t forget to bring them with you to your dental appointments so that they can be cleaned and checked for their fit. Your dentures need a check-up too!

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