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Choosing the Right Denture

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In the past, a denture was just a denture – plain and simple. But as time has gone by, different types and styles of dentures have changed the way your dentist can restore and rehabilitate your smile.

What are some examples?

Fixed Implant Supported Dentures

Usually secured o 4 or 6 implant roots, the implant-supported denture is a streamlined “U” shaped denture that rests over the bony arch of your jaw. It frees up the space across the roof of your mouth, because it is permanently secured in the mouth by the implants themselves. 

Removable Implant Stabilized Dentures

These dentures are like traditional dentures that are removable, yet they rest over implant abutments placed into the jaw to provide added stability throughout the day. They are perfect for people who want a removable denture but have problems getting a secure fit. 

Facelift Dentures

This particular style of denture is designed to enhance the fullness of your facial features while also replacing your missing teeth. It’s great for people who feel their face looks “sunken in” due to tooth bone loss. 

Conventional Dentures

Full mouth removable dentures are sometimes called “plates” and are taken in and out as needed. Made of acrylic and sometimes a metal base, they replace all of your teeth at one time. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures fit around any healthy teeth that you are able to retain, preventing the need for additional extractions. They are secured into place with clasps that extend around your other teeth, but are still removable for home care.

You may have more options than you realized when it comes to restoring your smile. Ask your dentist which type of dentures is right for you!

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