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Customizing Your Denture

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Did you know that you could actually have a choice when it comes to what your denture looks like? Not all dentures are the same; just like all smiles aren’t the same.

Types of Materials

The quality of materials used for your denture will affect the cost of treatment as well as the appearance of the teeth. Some types of dentures are slim and anchored onto dental implants; others have a metal base that enhances stability; and then some are made of flexible acrylic materials for enhanced comfort. Then there’s the material that the teeth are made of. Different levels of aesthetic materials are compatible with certain types of dentures while others are not. Your dentist will help you select the level of denture that meets your lifestyle demands.

Color and Shade

There are more colors and shades of teeth than you could have ever imagined. If you’re working with existing teeth, your dentist will help you match your denture so that it looks natural as well as enhances aesthetics of your smile. Or you might go for the whitest white possible if it fits your personality! 

Tooth Size and Shape

Just like the color of teeth, tooth sizes and shapes are unique as well. Some teeth are more squared while others have contoured angles that look more scalloped. Your denture will need to be designed so that you’re happy with its appearance but so that it will also perform exceptionally when it comes to biting and chewing food.

Your dentist will help you design a denture that reflects your personality and brings out the confidents you need. What is it that you want most from your new smile? Talk to your dentist today about what options you have.

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