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Denture Care Do’s and Don’ts

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Whether you’ve had a denture for years or are just now getting your first one, you’ll certainly appreciate a few helpful reminders. Your denture plays a pivotal role in helping your smile, talk, and eat with confidence. You need to take care of it!

DO Soak Your Denture Every Night

Dentures need moisture. If not kept moist, the denture material will dry out and change in shape. This will make it very uncomfortable to wear.

DO Wear Your Denture As Often As Possible

This is especially important when your receive a denture for the first time. It will feel strange in the beginning, but eating and talking with dentures will soon become a habit.

DO Visit Your Dentist Regularly

At checkups, your dentist will check your mouth and gums, examine bone levels on x-rays, and make adjustments to your denture, if needed. A healthy mouth and comfortable denture depend on this!

DON’T Attempt Repairs at Home!

You could end up causing more damage than good! Leave the repairs to the trained professionals who helped design your denture.

DON’T Rely Exclusively on Denture Adhesive Paste

A messy paste just won’t do the job right. A loose denture is not only annoying, but it can also be potentially harmful. Your denture needs to be adjusted to suit the changes in your mouth that happen with time.

DON’T Leave Your Denture in At Night

Your gums need to breathe! Wearing your dentures without a daily break (especially while sleeping at night) can lead to dry mouth, a poor fit, irritation, and infections.

Discuss other denture care requirements with your local dentist before beginning a new life with a new denture.

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