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Do You Really Need a Denture Adhesive?

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There is a stigma attached to wearing dentures. This includes the idea that you automatically have to wear an adhesive with it to keep it in place.

You’ll be happy to learn that a sticky, messy denture adhesive is not a must!

Just Getting Started?

If you are just receiving your dentures for the first time, then it’s possible that you will need a little time to get used to the sensation! A denture adhesive can help you to feel secure in your denture as you build more and more trust in its ability to chew your food.

When Your Denture Gets Loose

With time, your denture should no longer need the help of an adhesive to stay in place. This is because a well-made denture relies on your mouth’s shape for support and retention. After years of not supporting any teeth, the bone in your mouth will change shape.

When this happens, your denture will become looser.

So keep in mind that the sudden need for an adhesive after wearing your denture for a long time could be a sign that it needs adjusting. Don’t ignore this sign!

The Choice is Yours

For some folks, they will just always feel better knowing that they have a reliable adhesive holding their denture in place. Others hate using that messy stuff! Everyone with a denture has the right to decide what will help him or her to feel comfortable wearing it.

You may feel that way, or you may join the thousands of patients who opt for dental implant therapy to anchor their replacement teeth on a more permanent basis.

Visit your dentist for regular dental checkups and more information on getting the most of your denture.

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