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Four Benefits of Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures are removable prosthesis that replaces several teeth at one time. They are typically made of acrylic or acrylic fused to a metal base; and clasp in and out of the mouth easily. Existing teeth help anchor them into place. With someone chooses to have a partial denture made, there are several benefits that they can take advantage of:

They’re an economical choice

The acrylic materials used in making a partial denture allow them to be an affordable alternative to some other types of tooth replacements. If you’re finding yourself experiencing unexpected tooth loss from an accident or injury, a partial denture can be an easily solution before looking for another alternative later on. 

Partials preserve your natural biting patterns

Missing teeth cause other teeth in the mouth to drift out of place. This in turn creates abnormal wear patterns, impacts the appearance of your smile, and makes some areas more difficult to keep clean. Partials act like a retainer, keeping teeth in place where they ought to be. 

They restore aesthetics

Simply put, partial dentures complete your smile again. There’s no need to continue on with missing teeth or avoiding social situations where you feel self-conscious. A partial denture can restore your self-esteem when it comes to how you feel about your smile. 

You can replace them with a permanent option later on

If you want to invest in a permanent option such as dental implants but need to wait for some reason, a partial denture is easy to replace. It doesn’t affect the structure of teeth around it, because it simply clasps around whatever teeth are already there.

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