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Four Reasons it Hurts to Wear Your Dentures

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Dentures should feel comfortable, leaving you confident to take on whatever challenges the day may hold. Whether it’s speaking clearly to one of your friends, or just enjoying breakfast – the fit of your dentures has an enormous impact on your quality of life. If your dentures are causing discomfort, there might be an underlying cause. Here are a few reasons why some people experience pain or soreness when they were a removable prosthesis like dentures:

You’ve Had Your Denture for Several Years

The older your denture is, the more wear it has experienced. Just like other types of restorations, dentures can wear out. If you’ve had the denture relined in the past and it seems to need it again, you are most likely due up for a new one completely.  

You’ve Lost Weight

When you lose weight, it shows. Even inside of your mouth, your tissues are slimmer. This can cause the base of your denture to not seal properly, resulting in a loose fit. Relining the denture is recommended. 

Changes in Your Bone

Bone loss occurs naturally over time, causing the anatomy of your mouth to change. If you wear your denture too long (such as sleeping in it at night without taking it out), the bone may resorb more quickly. This results in an imperfect fit, causing the denture to rock in place or rub sore spots. 

There is an Infection

Oral hygiene is important – even for dentures. Not keeping your prosthesis clean can cause bacterial infections to develop. Thrush is a common example. Ask your dentist about the best way to clean your denture each day and always have sores checked if they do not heal within 2 weeks.

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