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Getting Ready for Your First Denture

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Hearing that you need a denture may come as a shock. The good news is that with a little patience and the help of an excellent dental team, your transition to dentures can be a smooth one!

Here is what you can expect:

Extractions and Impressions

You might have some remaining teeth that need to be extracted. Your dentist will help you plan the best treatment course for this. Once your damaged and diseased teeth are removed, your mouth will need some time to heal and settle down. During this time, your dentist may provide you with a set of temporary dentures that are gentle on your mouth.

Next, a series of increasingly more detailed impressions are taken. The dentist uses these impressions to design a denture that will snugly fit your mouth.

Getting Used to Your Denture

It will take time for your denture to feel like a natural part of your smile! At first, it may feel way too bulky and large. You might salivate a lot and have difficulty chewing. This is because even the best denture is no replacement for your natural teeth.

As you adjust to your denture, you might find that using a denture adhesive will give you an increased sense of security. Try chewing on both sides of your mouth at the same time to help your denture feel more stable. If you develop any sore spots, visit your dentist for an adjustment.

A denture may sound scary and embarrassing. But it’s actually a chance for you to have your smile back again! Working closely with your local dental team will give you the confidence you need as they answer your questions about getting your first denture.

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