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How Dentures Affect Your Diet

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If you are preparing to receive your first set of dentures, you might have a few worries weighing on your mind. One common concern about dentures is the way they’ll affect the foods you love to eat.

Getting Familiar With Your Dentures

As you adjust to your new dentures, remember to be patient and take your time! It will require some experimentation and practice to figure out which of your favorite foods you can eat and how to chew them. Like any other skill, eating with dentures must be learned.

A well-made denture should not require that you use a denture paste. You can use an adhesive if it gives you a greater sense of security while you adjust to eating with your denture.

A few other tips for improving your situation:

  • Practice eating at home to avoid embarrassing struggles in public
  • Start out with soft foods and work your way up to tougher ones
  • Avoid foods that require you to bite with just your front teeth
  • Cut up food into smaller and more manageable pieces
  • Chew on both sides of your mouth to apply even pressure to your denture

Life With Dentures

It may take some time to come to grips with your new reality. It’s a fact that your dentures will never quite equal the feeling of having natural teeth. The good news, however, is that you can get used to them and you will start to enjoy daily activities again! With patience and time, your situation will improve.

Ask your dentist for advice on eating with your new denture and suggestions for any other possibilities for restoring your bite.

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