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How to Care for Your Removable Overdentures

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Your new implant overdentures give you confidence to smile among your friends and eat your favorite foods. Like natural teeth, your new dentures also require special care and maintenance to keep your mouth healthy.

Here are a few things you need to know:

Soak Your Dentures Overnight

Remove your overdenture each night and soak it in a denture solution to remove loose debris and stain particles. This step also helps you keep your oral tissues healthy. Wearing any type of removable denture too long may put you at risk of infection under your prosthesis. Taking it out at night allows your gum tissues to breathe, and is also beneficial to the bone that supports your dental implants.

Use the Right Brush and Cleanser

Abrasive pastes or brushes may cause microscopic scratches over the surface of your new denture. Stick to a soft denture brush that is not used on any other appliances (or your teeth,) and a gentle denture cleansing paste. Stay away from baking soda or other harsh pastes.

You Don’t Need Adhesive

The biggest reason why people choose implant overdentures is because the implants secure the denture in place. That means you never have to use adhesives or pastes under the denture. If something feels loose or not quite right, don’t mask it with denture adhesive. Instead, see your dentist for an adjustment or denture reline if it is needed.

See Your Dentist

Be sure to see your dentist regularly, and make sure to bring your implant overdenture with you. Your dentist can help you keep your dentures clean and fitting properly for many years to come.

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